Dirty Floor EP

by Vaureen

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released September 9, 2015

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Phil Duke at Continental Studios in NYC.

Andrea Horne: vocals, guitar
Marianne Do: bass
Matt Soltesz: drums
Isaac Namias: piano (Slip)



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Vaureen Brooklyn, New York

Vaureen is a female-fronted space rock band based in Brooklyn. Not for the faint of heart.

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Track Name: Anastasis
Walk across a dirty floor
Sit down beside me
We’ll destroy the furniture
Sell our souls on Easter

In a fable,
It seems much darker
When you’re able,
You make it lighter

ooh! Ya-ya
ooh! Ya-ya
ooh! Ya-ya

Faith is too impalpable
Crucify your equals
Ignore the rapture
Hindsight is a jealous whore

Celebration of truth
Deviation from youth

The spirit charms you, in the right mood
The spirit charms you, in the right mood
The spirit charms you, in the right mood
The spirit charms you, in the right mood, Ya-ya

ooh! Ya-ya
ooh! Ya-ya
ooh! Ya-ya

Ya-ya, Ya-ya
Track Name: Slip
Stand up in line
Humiliate me
For the hundredth time

Careful, this death
Song you sing me
I forgot it

Tried to push it
Tried everything
But I’m clueless
Track Name: Albatross
He said: my love is dead,
And I know I’ve done wrong
Buried you deep in the forest
I’ll be gone before the dawn,
Half a mind to carry on

He lives inside our heads,
With a will to be strong
Insatiable will to destroy us
He’s calculating, as we wait:
A plan to dominate

The sirens dressed in red,
No one to hear their song
Sweet voices cry out: Please believe us!
And celebrate the world you hate
With a final tainted breath,
Kissed by death

A-L-B-A-T-R-O-S-S, oh yes!
Track Name: Apocalypse
All my thoughts are empty
And my eyes are red
Amber shades of evening
Rise above my head

The city is a vampire
Memories left to rust
Ruins, cold and heavy
Transform my bitter lust in dust

The Empire was a bed
A page, an open door
Now a valley of destruction
We can’t live here anymore.
Track Name: Tongues
I didn’t hear his voice
I couldn’t hear his words
I never felt his heat
The air did not move as he passed me

But he spoke to them
He called them by name
I couldn’t hear his voice
As he carried them away

He carried them away